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Please review these guidelines for making your presentation at TEDxTheWoodlands a success. We will work closely with you individually to help make your presentation highly engaging and inspiring.

Speaking on Play.Wonder.Joy

We would like you to present on the theme of Play.Wonder.Joy  Please aim to give an original, heart-felt and moving presentation. Please create a new presentation rather than recycle one you’ve given before. Reflect on what Play.Wonder.Joy means to you, how it impacts you in ways mundane and profound, how you find it or how it finds you.  Feel free to incorporate demonstrations of techniques (artistic, musical, culinary, literary, dance, etc.) and to use props during your presentation. Most of all, tell a story. Here are a few possible presentation ideas to stimulate your thinking on this subject:

  1. Play.Wonder.Joy is a Daily Decision
  2. It all Starts with Wonder, then Play and Joy follow
  3. It all Starts with Play, then Wonder and Joy follow
  4. No, it all Starts with Joy
  5. Joy without Play and Wonder
  6. How to find Play.Wonder.Joy in 872 Easy Steps
  7. Animals also Play, but to Wonder is to be Human
  8. What Drives Play.Wonder.Joy out of our Lives? How can we Preserve Them?
  9. Oh, Just Grow Up! Play is for Kids…Not!
  10. We Seek Joy, but we settle for Happiness
  11. A ____________________ (Musician’s, Painter’s, Writer’s, Accountant’s, etc.) Perspective on Play.Wonder.Joy
  12. How do Different Generations and Cultures Experience Play.Wonder.Joy?
  13. There is no word for Play in the ____________ language.
  14. “Lila”, Sanskrit for Play also means Love
  15. A 60 Second Exercise in Structured and Systematic Wondering
  16. If Play.Wonder.Joy were Three _________ (colors, sounds, smells, tastes, etc.), What Would They Be?
  17. Play.Wonder.Joy, Two out of Three Ain’t Bad
  18. Google, Facebook, Twitter are Creating Less Play.Wonder.Joy in our Lives
  19. Google, Facebook, Twitter are Creating More Play.Wonder.Joy in our Lives
  20. My Most Memorable 15 Minutes of Play.Wonder.Joy
  21. What Researchers Have Discovered about Play.Wonder.Joy
  22. My Play.Wonder.Joy is not Your Play.Wonder.Joy
  23. Finding Play.Wonder.Joy in my Morning Oatmeal
  24. How to Share Play.Wonder.Joy
Review Steps
To help you succeed in your presentation, we the curatorial team will help you progress through the following stages:
  1. Proposal – Please send us a brief (250 word maximum) proposal for your presentation. Presentations can be as short as 3 minutes and as long as 18 minutes. You are welcomed to use props, PowerPoint slides and engage the audience. We will review and offer our feedback. Due as soon as possible.
  2. Draft – Incorporate our feedback into a draft of your presentation. If you choose to use slides, please send us your draft slides. Otherwise, send us your draft notes. We will review and offer our feedback. Due August 6th.
  3. Final – Prepare your final presentation based on our feedback. Due August 19th.
  4. Rehearsal – Please join us at rehearsals at the Woodlands Art League’s art gallery during the week of August 20th.
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