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2 Story Telling

“Great storytelling attempts to draw the listener in by connecting to their inner self and appealing to one’s commonality.
It is so easy to be drawn in when the topic affirms what one already believes and it is this connection that binds the story teller to the audience.
It is much more difficult to connect when the subject matter is foreign or opposes the listeners view point, the good communicator must play the periphery of the topic and slowly bring the listener in with intelligent discourse for sure, but mostly with appeals to the emotion.
New information is always difficult to assimilate and so the great communicator must weave a story that educates the listener in increments that is sufficient to communicate, a specific point of view or set of facts, but not overwhelm.
The great storyteller leaves the listener believing that he/she had been affirmed even when the information presented may have never been exposed to that listener before.
“A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still” We’ve all heard this.
Great storytellers, communicators do not attempt to change opinions, they attempt to change minds and so their appeal becomes much more personal and sincere.
They bring an honesty to the topic that people may relate to rather than react to. It’s all about relationships and not revelation, connection rather than cementing.”      by Brian Gonsavles

“Great stories touch people with immediacy, impact and intimacy. They’re universal and personal and teach us about the world and ourselves. There is no formula or equation to success, it’s born out of honesty, reflection and observation of the world around you. If you can in turn pass what you’ve seen, learned and concluded on to others in an engaging manner, you, sir are a good storyteller. Make me feel something.”    by Shaminder Dulai  

“Great storytelling is ultimately about capturing elegant context to the complexity and nuances of life.” by Arjun Adamson


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