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3 Tips for Slides

TEDx Speaker Slides: (These tips come from TED’s Director of Film + Video, Jason Wishnow)

Less is More

A single, strong, graphic image or succinct line of text will tell your story better than a crowded collage or packed paragraph. Remember, people need to process everything you’re saying while simultaneously absorbing your slides. Rather than one complex slide, show several slides, each with one idea, image or data point.

Please eliminate slides that are essentially Headline + Bullet-Points. These can get very tired.

Text Size

You rarely need more than six lines of text on a slide. Often, only a line or two will do.

Slide image size              Minimum font size

1024 x 768                      28 pts

1280 x 720 (wide)             28 pts

1920 x 1080 (wide)           40 pts

Text Clarity

Please use either Century Gothic or Arial fonts in your slide presentations.


A simple, elegant background behind your text should be used to complement and enhance the readability of your words. If using a dark or black background, you may want to make the text bold.

Graphs, Graphics and Photos

Use high-resolution pictures and graphics. Full-quality photos from a digital camera will look better than images pulled off the web.

Don’t grab images from the web unless they are clearly licensed under Creative Commons for use.

For data graphs or charts, be sure to follow the minimum font size guidelines above for all text, including labels on x– and y-axes and data points.


Presentations featuring clean, crisp, effective design that worked live at TED conferences and also online.

John Doerr – Profit and Salvation in Greentech (2007)

Larry Lessig – Creativity and the Law (2007)

Erin McKean – Redefining the Dictionary (2007)

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