This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.

The Music Hall

Here are additional photos of the Music Hall and lobby to aid in the planning of speakers, performers, and sponsors.

In the picture below, note the placement of the drop down screen on the far right of the photo. This screen be used to display the PowerPoint slides of the speakers. This screen can be retracted upwards for performers.

A grand piano will be positioned a bit behind this drop down screen (behind means it is centered and a bit further to the back wall of the stage; this would mean toward the right of the drop down screen in this photo). The piano must remain in place for the entire conference due to sponsor’s requirements.

The podium will be moved further to the left of stage (as the audience faces the stage). The podium will be used to display the venue sponsor’s logo but will not be used by speakers and performers. In the spirit of TED and TEDx, speakers and performers are expected to speak without a podium between themselves and their audience.


Below: panoramic view from the back of the stage looking toward the audience. The door on the right that is open leads to the back stage “speaker preparation room”.

View of the lobby of the Music Hall. The Music Hall is behind the wall to the right in this photo. This is where the registration table and the tables for the food and snacks will be set up.  Also, art work by members of the Woodlands Art League will be set-up in this lobby.

Another view of the lobby.  In this photo, the Music Hall is behind the wall to the left. Nothing can be hung from the ceiling or posted to the walls or windows of the lobby per venue requirements.

The “speaker’s preparation room” which is just a few feet behind the stage. A restroom is directly accessible from inside this room. A TEDxTheWoodlands volunteer will guide speakers on and off the stage via this room.

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